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40+ Colorado Grand Tour

Many years ago, members of the Club put their heads together and came up with a wonderful idea. This idea became known as the Colorado Grand Tour. It consists of about 55 points scattered throughout our spectacular home state of Colorado that members were encouraged to visit. To entice members to seek out these locations, an award was developed. To prove that members visited these sites, criteria was established. Members had to take a picture of themselves and their motorcycle with license plate visible at each location. The location had to be obvious, such as scenery, a sign, etc. When all locations were visited and documented, the pictures were submitted to the Club for verification. Upon completion, the award was presented. Up until 2014, only a couple Club members had completed the Grand Tour. In 2014, several Club members renewed the interest in this event and were able to complete the entire Tour in one Summer. Our 2014 Summer Tour was developed in conjunction with thier quest and allowed all Tour participants to capture close to 30 of the points. We can all thank Tom K., Gene A. and Ken A. for their interest in the Colorado Grand Tour and therefor the Club's new interest.

Below is a map of Colorado that shows the approximate location of these points. If you have an interest in really seeing all that Colorado has to offer, you should contact a Club Member for further information and the exact GPS Coordinates in Latitude/Longitude of each of these Grand Tour Points.

Colorado Grand Tour Map
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