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Wellington/Briggsdale Loop

This Loop is a little different in that it takes you out onto the plains. From here you will get great views of the Front Range and the Snow Capped Peaks, at least on the way back. We'll start this one also in Fort Collins (A). Head North out of town on US 287 to CO Highway 1 (also know locally as Terry Lake Rd) (B). Turn right or NE on Highway 1 and follow it to and through the town of Wellington, CO. Continue across the interstate and take the northbound east side frontage road (C) for about 1/4 mile to Nunn Rd (D). Turn right on Nunn Rd.(also known as Co Rd 64 and changing to Weld Co Rd 100) and follow it for about 11 miles to US 85 on the north edge of Nunn, CO (E). Go South on US 85 for 5 miles to Weld Co Rd 90 on the north end of Pierce, CO (F). Turn left on Co Rd 90 and follow it all the way to where it connects into CO Rt 14 (G). Turn East(left) on CO Rt 14 and follow it until you reach the intersection of CO Rt 392(to the South) and Weld Co Rd 77 to the North (H). This is the intersection for the town of Briggsdale. You can go into Briggsdale, but you won't find much other than a Post Office. Just north of this intersection is Crow Valley Recreation area and Campground, a well know birding and astronomical area. Turn South at this intersection onto CO Rt 392. You'll be staying on CO Rt 392 for a while, all the way back to US 287 south of Fort Collins (K). On this section you'll pass through the town of Lucerne (I) and the City of Windsor(J) and cross back over Interstate 25. CO Rt 392 T's into US 287 (K) where you can turn North and back into Fort Collins.

Wellington/Briggsdale Loop
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