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Happy Jack Loop

This is a ride that will take you up into Wyoming. There's no good way to avoid some riding on the Interstate on this loop, so just grit your teeth and plunge on in. Starting in Fort Collins (A) head East on Mulberry Rd. Mulberry Rd is also CO Rt 14. Follow this East to the town of Ault (B) out on the plains. There's a great place to eat breakfast in Ault...Grey's restaurant. In Ault, pick up US 85 going north and follow it all the way into Cheyenne, WY. In downtown Cheyenne, turn left or West on 19th St (C) and follow it until it turns into Missle Dr. (D)

An alternative to this first part is to catch I-25 North from Fort Collins, head into Wyoming and take exit 10B. This exit is also known as Missle Dr West, Happy Jack Rd, WY Rt 210 West and Warren AFB South Entrance.

Either Way, once you're on Missle Dr/Happy Jack Rd, you're heading in the right direction. Follow Happy Jack Rd West all the way to the end where you'll intersect I-80 at the Lincoln/Ames Memroial Rest Area (E), a good place to stop for a break. This is also near the highest point on I-80 at over 8000' elevation, even higher then where it crosses over the Sierra Nevada Mountains on the California/Nevada border. If you don't mind riding gravel roads, the VedaWoos (a spectacular geologic rock formation) is just one exit east on I-80 and about a mile down a gravel road.

If you don't go to the VedaWoos, then head West on I-80 into Laramie, Wyoming. You can either get off on the first exit and ride through the University of Wyoming area connecting eventually with US 287, or you can continue on I-80 to the second Laramie, WY exit, which is US 287 (F). Once on US 287, head South all the way back into Fort Collins, CO.

Again alternatively, you could head back East on I-80 to Cheyenne and back South to Fort Collins on I-25, but then you'll miss the I-80 canyon east of Laramie and the beautiful ride South on US 287 between Laramie and Fort Collins.

Happy Jack Loop
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