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Peak to Peak Highway Loop

The Peak to Peak Highway is one of the primier rides along the Front Range. The Highway itself runs from I-70 North all the way to Estes Park. This loop will take in most of it and of course can be run either direction. I recommend running it clockwise, so that the Sun isn't shining in your face as you ride the actual Peak to Peak Highway. It can also be shortened by heading up or down the numerous canyons that disect the foot hills. Let's start once again in Fort Collins (A) and head South along US 287. Follow US 287 down to CO Rt 66 (B) just north of Longmont. Head West on Rt 66 to just before Lyons, where you'll pick up US 36 (C) South into Boulder, CO. On the north end of Boulder turn right off US 36 onto Broadway Ave (D). Follow Broadway all the way through Boulder where it becomes CO Rt 93 heading toward Golden, CO. There are of course numerous ways of getting through or around Boulder, but this one is the most direct with fewest turns. You can always stop in Boulder for breakfast or shopping. On the north end of Golden, shortly after the Spyderco Knife Co. outlet store, you'll encounter Golden Gate Canyon Rd (also known as County Rd 70) (E). Head toward the mountains on this road. This is another fabulous canyon road that take you all the way up to CO Highway 119 (F). At this point you can go South for a few miles to the gambling towns of Blackhawk and Central City, or head North on the Peak to Peak Highway. This part of the Peak to Peak Highway follows CO Rt 119 until you get to the town of Nederland, where you'll split off Rt 119 and follow CO Rt 72 (G). You'll have to go 3/4 way round the round-a-bout to do this. Follow Rt 72 North until it intersects with CO Rt 7 (H) coming up from Lyons and follow Rt 7 North into Estes Park (I). In Estes Park, pick up US 34 and head down Big Thompson Canyon into Loveland where you can then make your way back to Fort Collins. There are many canyon roads that connect Peak to Peak Highway to the plains and the cities down below. These include Left Hand Canyon, Boulder Canyon (CO Rt 119) and Coal Creek Canyon (CO Rt 72) to name a few. Each of these canyons offer great riding opportunities for you to explore. So get out and ride!

Peak to Peak Highway Loop
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