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Poudre Canyon Ride

Poudre Canyon can be an out and back ride or combined with a couple other roads to create several long loops. For this ride, let's just go out as far as Walden, Colorado in North Park and back again. Starting in Fort Collins (A), let's follow College Ave or US 287 North to Ted's Place (B). Ted's place is where US 287 and CO Rt 14 Split. There is a gas station there, but no real markings of "Ted's Place". I would suggest getting gas here, as between here and Walden there is only occasional gas. Go west on CO Rt 14 from Ted's place all the way up Poudre Canyon and over Cameron Pass (C) (at over 10,000'). Once at Cameron Pass you can either turn around or continue down the other side of the Continental Divide, out into North Park and to Walden (E). Here you can have lunch, gas up and return or continue in several other directions making long loops (described later) back to Fort Collins. Before you get to the top, you may want to stop at the Falls for some pictures. At least get a picture at the top by the Continental Divide Sign. The Moose Visitor Center (D) of Colorado State Forest State Park (yes that's what it's called) down at the bottom of the west side of the Divide is a nice place to stop, take a warm break and possibly see some moose. Poudre Canyon is heavily travelled, and can be treacherous in spots. It is also run very fast by sport bikes. Unfortunately we frequently lose riders on this route who overestimate their abilities or underestimate the road, so please ride at a speed you are comfortable with within your abilities. There is snow at Cameron Pass from September through April, though the road is kept open all year. I wouldn't advise this road between November and March, however, unless you're prepared for cold, wind and some ice. There are a couple stores that have occasional gas and rest areas along this route for breaks and munchies.

Poudre Canyon Ride
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