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40+ MS Poker Run

We have not had an MS Poker Run now for several years due to Lack of Interest and due to the fact that no one wants to take on this large project. Please attend other Charity Poker Runs throughout Northern Colorado.

Poker Run Event

For those that have never been on a poker run, let me briefly explain. You are playing a game of 5 card poker, with each hand costing $10.00. You can buy additional hands or score cards as you wish to help better your odds. (remember all money goes to MS) Everyone starts at a common point, follows a common route and stops at known spots approximately every 20 - 30 miles. At each of these stops, you draw or otherwise obtain a playing card from a deck of 52 cards. That card is noted on your score sheet that you carry with you. At the end of the run and after the 5th stop, you will have 5 cards noted on your score sheet. High hand wins....it's that simple. The trick is that you don't know where the stops are until you start. At registration you find out where the 1st stop is and get a map or written directions to get you there. At the first stop you will get a card and directions to the next stop. This continues until the end and final stop. At the end, there will be refreshments available, prizes and great fun.

Come out and enjoy the day with fellow bikers, enjoy the ride and scenery and know that your donation will be greatly appreciated and put to good use in the fight against MS right here in Northern Colorado.


It's never too early to start planning for 2016. If you're looking for someone to ride up with, contact a club member. We normally go up as a club in several groups at various times (some are slow, some fast, and some fly) and camp together in Spearfish, SD. Now's a good time to drag out that camping gear to make sure it's in good shape. There are great deals to be had on summer gear during the winter! Of course it never snows at Sturgis!

For you rookies, make sure you pack camp chairs for sitting around the campfires, rain gear for the inevitable storms, insect repellent, quarters for the showers and CASH (the campground does not take plastic or checks)!

Scavenger Hunt

The 40+ Motorcycle Club Scavenger Hunt was held in the Spring of 2012. This was a minimum mileage event. The motorcycle returning with the least amount of miles put on since the start of the event (less penalties) was the winner. All physical items that needed to be collected easily fit on a motorcycle. Other items were virtual items where the participant needed to obtain a piece of information to be turned in at the end of the event. This was a multi-hour event and could be run entirely on paved roads. (that may not be the shortest route, however) The event was intended to be another way of raising money to be donated to MS, and again there was no administrative costs. This event could be done on a Motorcycle or in a Car or Truck. Winner was awarded a cash prize and Trophy.

Summer Tour

Every summer we will try and plan a long distance Motorcycle Tour for the Club within Colorado and/or surrounding States. We welcome input from members as to where you would like to go.

2015 Summer Tour
2014 Summer Tour
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