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Some Great Rides & Past Tours

I'm often asked where I like to ride. Now don't get me wrong, I don't know all the places to ride and many of the other old timers have been in these parts far longer than I have, but I have been around enough to make some suggestions. Those new to this part of Colorado have much to look forward to as there are a lot of great roads to choose from. In this section I'll make some suggestions for out and back and loop rides out of the Fort Collins area. All these rides avoid the Interstate Highways if at all possible and all roads listed are paved..

At the bottom you will also find the routes of our last several Summer Tours.

Rist Canyon/Stove Prairie Loop - 35 miles - Foot Hills
Rist Canyon/Buckhorn Rd Loop - 45 miles - Foot Hills
Carter Lake Loop - 50 miles - Foot Hills
Big Thompson Canyon to Estes Park Out and Back - 60 miles - Foot Hills
Lyons to Estes Park Loop - 100 or 115 miles - Foot Hills
Briggsdale Plains Loop - 105 miles - Flatlands
Happy Jack Rd Loop - 175 Miles - Foot Hills
Peak to Peak Highway - 180 miles - Mountains
Poudre Canyon to Walden Out and Back - 190 miles - Mountains
Trail Ridge to Walden Loop - 260 miles - Mountains
Snowy Range Loop - 300 miles - Mountains
Sturgis, the Traditional Way
Sturgis, the Long Way
2013 Yellowstone Summer Tour
2014 SW Colorado Summer Tour
2015 Black Hills Summer Tour
2016 Taos NM Summer Tour
2017 Moab, Utah Summer Tour
2017 Beartooth Pass Summer Tour
Colorado Grand Tour
Black Hills Grand Tour
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