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Snowy Range Loop

This is a trip that will take a while, so plan accordingly. Start in Fort Collins, and head North on US 287 to where CO Rt 14 heads up the Poudre Canyon at Ted's Place (A). Follow the Poudre Canyon Route listed in another ride, but this time when you get to Walden, Colorado in North Park (B), head north on Colorado Rt 125. At the junction of Rt 125 and CO Rt 127 (C), you can go east or west. East will take you through Woods Landing directly to Laramie (the road changes names to Wyoming Rt 230 once you cross state lines). This way, however, you will miss the Snowy Range road which is the purpose of this ride, so take Rt 125 to the west. The road changes names to Wyoming Rt 230 also, but this way takes you on the west side of the Snowy Range. Rt 230 T's near Encampment (D), but continues north. Follow Rt 230 north toward Sarasota, Wyoming, until you reach Wyoming Rt 130 (E). Turn east on Rt 130 and up and over the Snow Range Mountains to Centennial, Wyoming (F). This is a good place to stop for lunch. Continue following Rt 130 East till it meets up with Wyoming 230 (yup same road as above) and follow both into Laramie, Wyoming (H). In Laramie, connect with US 287 and follow it South all the way back to Fort Collins. There's lot to see along this route, so plan all day and take your time. The Snowy Range Road normally doesn't open till sometime in June, thus it's name. Make sure you take warm riding gear as you'll be crossing several passes along the way. If you're so inclined, you can connect up with I-80 in Laramie, follow it east to Cheyenne, Wyoming then south on I-25 back to Fort Collins. A bit longer, but you'll cross over the highest point on Interstate 80. Oh, and be mindful of the WIND!

Snowy Range Loop
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