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Sturgis the Long Way

The 40+ Motorcycle Club of Fort Collins heads up to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally every year and camps together in Spearfish, SD. Over the years, Club Members have come up with various ways of getting there to interject a bit of variety into this journey. I'm presenting a few of these routes on the 40+ Motorcycle Club Web Site out of interest to Club Members and outsiders alike.

This route is the newest "long" way for riders to get from Fort Collins, Colorado to Spearfish, SD.

Starting most anywhere in Fort Collins (A), find US 287 and head North to Laramie, Wyoming (B). I recommend getting gas and perhaps breakfast in Laramie. Follow US 287 (now connected with US 30) North out of town to the Junction of WY Rt 34 (C). Take WY Rt 34 to the NE towards Wheatland. This takes you through Bosler Canyon. Shortly before you encounter I-25, you'll see Furgason Rd (D). Turn left here and follow it into Wheatland where it bends and becomes S Rd and Wy Rt 312 (E). (If you want, you can skip Furgason Rd and continue to I-25 and go North one exit) Cross under I-25 and find some gas and food or snacks (F). Continue East on S Rd to where it turns North onto 9th St and also becomes Wy Rt 320 (G). Follow 320 North being carefull not to miss it's right hand fork on the north edge of town (H). Follow 320 North to where it T's into US 26 (I). Turn right(east) on US 26 and head for Gurnsey, WY (J). Just east of Gurnsey, you'll encounter WY Rt 270 (K). Take this road North. This is a very lonely stretch of road, so be prepared for any mechanical breakdowns you might have. Wy Rt 270 crosses US 20 at Manville, WY (L). You can head east on US 20 into Lusk, or get gas in Manville and continue North on WYRt 270 to where it T's into US 85 (M). Go North on US 85 toward Newcastle and follow the "Traditional" route from there. If gas isn't available in Manville, go to Lusk, get gas there and follow the "Traditional" way from there.

Detail of the Wheatland, Wyoming Area below
Sturgis the Long Way
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