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Trail Ridge to Walden, CO Loop

This has got to be about the best ride in the area, crossing 3 high mountain passes, encountering miles of twistie roads and some of the best scenery Colorado has to offer. From Fort Collins (A) head South into Loveland, Colorado (B). When you encounter US 34, known as Eisenhower Blvd in Loveland, head West towards the mountains. I would suggest getting gas in Loveland as gas west of here gets expensive quickly (a new Safeway gas station in Estes Park has helped lower the price of gas in Estes Park in general). Follow US 34 west through Big Thompson Canyon (another ride) and into Estes Park, CO (C). From Estes Park, there are 2 ways to get into Rocky Mountain National Park ($20). For this ride I would recommend following CO Rt 34 and enter through the Beaver Meadows entrance. Check with the Ranger here to make sure Trail Ridge Road is open and for construction. Follow Trail Ridge Road all the way through Rocky Mountain National Park and out the other side to where Trail Ridge Road, (now once again called CO Rt. 34) intersects with US Highway 50 near Granby, CO (D). Turn west on US 50 for about a mile to where it intersects with CO Rt 125 (E) and turn right or North on CO Rt 125. Follow CO Rt 125 all the way to Walden (G), passing over Willow Creek Pass in the process. If you don't mind gravel, you can cut off some miles by cutting NE at Rand on County Rd 27 (F) over to CO Rt 14 (H). If you continue to Walden, CO, connect there with CO Rt 14. Take CO Rt 14 East, over Cameron Pass and all the way back down to Ted's Place where Rt 14 connects with US 287 (I). Follow US 287 South back to Fort Collins.

Now some info! Trail Ridge Road is the highest continuous paved highway in the U.S. with several miles of it above 12,000 feet. There is so much to see in Rocky Mountain National Park, I can't begin to describe it here. I do, however recommend you stop at the Visitors Center for information and at the Alpine Visitor's Center near the top of Trail Ridge Road for a break and snack. Get your gas in Loveland and Granby, as it gets more expensive, the higher you go. I also suggest a ride through Grand Lake, CO with lunch at Miyauchi's Burger joint down by the lake. You'll be crossing 3 mountain passes on this loop, so dress warmly and prepare for rain. Take lots or water and a fellow 40+ Motorcycle Club member along to share this wonderful ride.

Trail Ridge Rd to Walden, CO Loop
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